Thursday, April 4, 2019

Create Task Day 9

1.  I worked on finishing the generate function and also getting the functions to work in my main program

2. It helps to generate the random numbers or letters in each place of the selected word length

3. I ran into an issue with length not being defined and that was fixed by saying length = get_length()

4. 7

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Create Task Day 8

1. Worked with Jack R a bit on how it would work due to me no understanding a few things that need to happen.

2. Yes, I did. It checks if uppercase and lowercase are anted in the word and adds them to another gen() list that will be taken to add numbers and letters in a random order to a certain number depending on the wanted number.

3. Ran into some issues with figuring out how to include three lists in one and get them only if they are wanted. Fixed by creating appends.

4. 6

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Create Task Day 7

1. I worked on catching up on all my blog posts for my Create Task.

2. I didn't write any code today

3. I had a bit of trouble remembering what I had done the previous days but I believe I remembered everything

4. 3

Create Task Day 6

1. I'm still a bit stuck on how the functions would work with everything else so I didn't get much done today

2. No code was written

3. Not much happened with the code so I couldn't really fix anything

4. 3

Create Task Day 5

1. I worked with Jack R a bit so he could help me figure out a few lines of code and I looked at a few examples f code but I didnt find anything that helped me

2. I worked on a couple of functions that would generate the password and ask if you want capital letters included in the final product.

3. Not really just a bit of a hard time trying to grasp the concept

4. 3

Create Task Day 4

1. I continued to work on coding today and used a whiteboard to map stuff out.

2. I got the section of the code that asks the question of the length to work.

3. I was having an issue with the return so it asks the question again if the answer does not match a certain number

4. 2

Create Task Day 3

1. I started working on my actual program. Completed the greeting section of the program and started thinking about what I would need to do for the rest of the program.

2. Greets the user and asks what they want the length of the program to be.

3. Nothing went wrong except I was struggling to try to think about how I would make the program work.

4. 2